The automotive industry is one of the oldest industries in both the United States and the world at large. Most people rely on automotive transportation on a daily to weekly basis, placing emphasis on the importance of continued advancement in terms of automotive technology in key areas, such as powertrain development, safety systems, and more.

Two areas where 24 Auto Group would like to see more innovation and advancement within this industry, though, are diversity and inclusion.

Developing a Diverse Workforce

Men and women alike rely on vehicles to help them go about their daily lives. So, why has the industry maintained a predominantly male workforce? This is a question 24 Auto Group and founder Ed Kardon have set out to answer.

Across 24 Auto Group's 11 different dealerships in the Northeast, you will find a diverse workforce. From the sales and finance departments at the front and center of each dealership's decorated showroom to the back of the house where you will find the body shop, you will see a diverse group of automotive professionals at work.

Whether it's to run the sales floor, lead the business development center, or work as a technician, we want an employee that not only carries the skillsets, but the attitude to make it happen. And our level of diversity has made our team stronger. - 24 Auto Group Founder, Ed Kardon

Over the years, 24 Auto Group has maintained this idea, finding that the best work is done when men and women work together. Kardon, and 24 Auto Group at large, believe that diversity is key in nurturing innovation and the development of new ideas. As a result, the group of dealerships has raised the percentage of women in their workforce and in management positions up to 24% overall, a figure they want to see continually rise over the coming years.

We look forward to the future of the 24 Auto Group and keeping this trend strong.- Ed Kardon

In order to expand the level of diversity within the industry, 24 Auto Group is continually looking to hire new automotive professionals who are ready to bring a unique skill set and ideas to the table. To see a list of the job openings currently available, you can check the Careers Page, which is located under the About tab on the 24 Auto Group website.

Continuing the Conversation

In maintaining this goal to advance diversity, Ed Kardon hopes that the 24 Auto Group of local dealerships can make an impact not only on the automotive industry, but the community at large. There are a number of industries that are dominated by male workforces, but to truly advance and bring the best ideas to the table, women need to be represented in a share that better reflects where we want to go as a society.

Whether you have questions about the dealership and their diversity and inclusion efforts or only want to talk about how things can be further improved, 24 Auto Group is always open to conversation. Reach out to get the dialogue going!

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