Why Buy Pre-Owned?

Have you found yourself interested in the pre-owned vehicle market near Boston, MA? Well, used vehicles offer drivers a number of unique benefits, so this comes as no surprise to our team. Here at 24 Auto Group, we've built an impressive selection of used cars, with models fit for many different driving needs.

Wondering why you should buy pre-owned here at our dealership? Our team has you covered with more information about what makes our pre-owned inventory so great for Quincy, Brockton, and Norwood, MA, area drivers!

Used Cars Are Sound Financial Investments

Perhaps the primary benefit of buying pre-owned is the financial aspect. In most cases, pre-owned cars are sound financial investments.

When you explore pre-owned models, you'll find that they're competitively priced. This could allow you to get behind the wheel of a great vehicle at a prime price point. Additionally, with used cars, you can expect less depreciation after you buy. So, your pre-owned ride will retain its value better than a new car will.

Additionally, used cars usually cost less to insure. So, you stand to save money on this end too, with lower insurance rates.



Greater Choice and Selection

When you explore your used car options, you'll also find a larger selection to explore. Rather than being limited to the newest model year, you'll have models from three, four, five years ago, and even some beyond that. If you like the body style or design of an older model, this could prove especially appealing.

As a used car dealer, our selection is also quite large in terms of the vehicle brands we carry. Working with us, you'll be able to explore models from:

  • Buick
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • Jeep
  • GMC
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan

So, again, you'll have a large pool of potential vehicles to choose from-hundreds, in fact!

More Research Resources Available

When you explore used vehicles, you'll also have more resources available as you complete research.

Checking the web, you'll be able to find consumer reports and other accurate information about your model(s) of interest. Doing so, you'll be able to see if there were any concerns related to that model year. For instance, if a certain model year had computer issues, you'll be able to steer clear and course correct as you look for the best vehicle.

With new models, you won't have the same type of information available, as the vehicle has not yet been on the roads  very long.


Potential for Accessories

With used cars, there's always the possibility that accessories have been added. Since a pre-owned vehicle has been driven by a previous owner, you may find some used models have already had cool accessories added to them. Whether they enhance style or functionality of the vehicle, this is always a potential plus.

Used Car City - Wholesale to the Public

At 24 Auto Group, we are here to change the used car buying experience. Not only can you custom order a vehicle of your liking by contacting one of our managers directly, but we also offer our exclusive wholesale pricing to the public program. We believe that the public deserves a final chance at getting the sweet end of the deal before a vehicle goes to auction.

Once a vehicle is moved to this list, all prices are offered at wholesale prices and are non-negotiable. Our vehicles are inspected by our certified techs at each of our 11 locations located in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. All our cars also go through and pass a rigorous 165-point 24 Auto Group platinum check, a full oil change, and they are guaranteed to pass a Massachusetts and Rhode Island state inspection. 

When you purchase a car from 24 Auto Group, you won't be walking away with no coverage. With every vehicle purchased from us, you'll drive off with the following:

  1. Up to 90 days or 3750 miles in warranty coverage 
  2. Extended coverage up to 10 years or 120,000 miles 
  3. Factory-trained technicians
  4. Available service loaners  
  5. Full financing available 
  6. 0 down and special credit programs available 


Why Buy Pre-Owned? Now, You Know!

Still have questions about why you should buy pre-owned near Quincy, Brockton, or Norwood, Massachusetts? Just contact our team here at 24 Auto Group! As a Boston, Massachusetts, area dealer, we'll be happy to help you in any way we can!

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